Columbus & Living Water Rescue Mission

New Life/Healing Heart Programs



Welcome to Columbus Rescue Mission’s Men’s New Life or Women’s Healing Heart Program. By entering this program, you are admitting there are areas in your life that you need help.  We pray that we will be able to give you the environment and tools necessary to enable you to improve your life with God’s help.

The NEW LIFE & HEALING HEART PROGRAMS are four phase, work-study programs.  The four phases are:

  • The JUMP-START Phase ————————— 2 week minimum
  • The FIRM FOUNDATION Phase—————– 3-5months
  • The FREEDOM Phase——————————- 3-5months
  • The FINAL Phase ———————————— 1-3months
  • The FOLLOW-UP Phase—————————– Aftercare




  1. Interview with Executive Director and Director of Women’s/Men’s Ministry. Other Staff members may also be involved in the interviews.
  2. Possess or apply for a social security card.
  3. Sign an agreement to abide by these guidelines.
  4. Sign acknowledgement that you truthfully answered all AIDS, Hepatitis and other medical questions on the Guest Registration form.
  5. Submit all medications (including Diabetes testing materials) to the staff on duty. Note: if presently on legally prescribed psych medications, by a doctor or clinic, you are ineligible for acceptance into the program. (We don’t recommend discontinuing medication. That should only be done through the direction of a physician.)
  6. Check valuables with staff. We recommend that you have valuable items placed in our safe.All electronics (to include cell phones) will be turned in and kept in the office during JUMP-START and FIRM FOUNDATION Phases.


All persons entering the NEW LIFE or HEALING HEART PROGRAM must first complete the JUMP-START Phase. After JUMP-START, the disciple will progress to the FIRM FOUNDATION Phase, the FREEDOM Phase, and the FINAL Phase.

JUMP Start Phase. Jump Start must be accomplished before Discipleship classes begin.  Its duration is two weeks minimum.  The purpose of Jump Start is to observe the Disciple candidate in the following areas: to determine how teachable the potential Disciple is, determine the level of commitment to change in their life, evaluate the ability to submit to authority, and to evaluate the work ethics.

You will be required to stay on the Columbus Rescue Mission property during the entire Jump Start phase.  All Jump Starters will perform various jobs and have various responsibilities at the mission. They will attend daily devotions, daily chapel, and weekly Sunday morning church. They will be expected to display a generally good attitude.

They must check in at the office every evening by 5:30.

Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed during the first 30 days.  After 30 days the disciple may have a cell phone and other electronic devices.  Smartphones, tablets, laptops and any other device with internet capabilities must have Covenant Eyes accountability software installed at the disciple’s expense.  The Covenant Eyes accountability report must be sent to the Men’s Ministry Director or to an approved mentor from the disciple’s church.  Cellular phones and other electronic devices are privileges not rights and they may be taken away at the discretion of the Men’s Ministry Director or Executive Director if they are not being used responsibly.

Before advancing to the FIRM FOUNDATION Phase, the Jump Starter must complete the JUMPSTART workbooks and memorize four Bible verses.

Jump-start Workbooks.  While on Jump-start, two workbooks must be completed.  “Good News For You!” and “I Have Been Born Again, What Next?”

The following four Bible verses must be memorized:

John 3:16 – For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.

Romans 3:23 – For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

Romans 5:8 – But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Romans 6:23 – For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.


FIRM FOUNDATION Phase.  Once accepted into the Firm Foundation Phase, the Jump Starter is transitioned to a Disciple.


Monday through Friday:

7:00am                        Breakfast

8:00am                        Morning Devotions (Monday – Friday)

9:00am                        Morning classes begin

11:45am                      Lunch

1:30pm                        Afternoon Classes Begin

5:30pm                       Supper for Women

6:00pm                       Supper for Men

7:30pm                       Evening Chapel service

During the Firm Foundation Phase, the Disciple will receive a work responsibility at the mission in addition to other miscellaneous chores assigned throughout the day.

Daily check in is no longer required.

The Disciple must complete the following:

  • Basic Christianity
  • The Gift of Forgiveness
  • Resolving Everyday Conflict
  • Begin Addictions classes (Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave video & book, Crossroads workbook)
  • Memorize the 27 Books of the New Testament
  • Write a draft of testimony

Other classes may include:

  • Victory Over Darkness/Who Am I
  • Job Interview Skills
  • Etiquette
  • Lies Women Believe (women only)
  • Sexual Idolatry (men only)
  • Godly Relationships (women only)
  • Various Bible studies
  • Other classes/Bible Studies, as assigned. Some may last the duration of the program.

Homework and memorization of various Bible verses will be required in many of the classes.

To advance from the FIRM FOUNDATION Phase to the FREEDOM Phase, the Disciple must complete all assigned studies, attend Sunday morning church every week, continue with the assigned Mission job, and continue to display a generally good attitude.

The Director of Men’s/Women’s Ministry, with input from the rest of the staff, will determine when the Disciple is ready to progress to the Freedom Phase.

FREEDOM Phase.  During the Freedom Phase, the Disciple will get a part time job and complete the following:

  • Biblical Financial Management
  • Loving God with all Your Mind (women only)
  • Memorize the 39 books of the Old Testament
  • Update your testimony
  • Sexual Idolatry (men only)
  • Godly Relationships (women only)
  • Complete Addictions classes (Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave video & book, Crossroads workbook)

Other classes may include:

  • Job Interview Skills
  • Etiquette
  • Lies Women Believe (women only)
  • Various Bible studies
  • Other classes/Bible Studies, as assigned.

The disciple must show satisfactory attendance, preparation, and participation in classes. They must attend Sunday church, the assigned Mission job, and they must display a Godly attitude before moving on to the FINAL Phase.

FINAL Phase. In the Final Phase, Disciples will get a full time job and complete classes as assigned. A mentor will be matched with the Disciple. Mentorship will begin within 30 days before graduation and continue in the FOLLOW-UP Phase.

 Graduation Requirements include:

  • Obtaining a GED/High School diploma, if not already possessed
  • Obtain a Nebraska Driver’s License, if possible
  • Pay all fines
  • Finalize your testimony
  • Teach an evening chapel

FOLLOW-UP Phase.  The Follow-up Phase starts after graduation.  The graduated Disciple will have a responsibility at the Mission.  The responsibility will be determined by staff and could be duties such as leading Addictions Victorious, cooking a meal, helping in the shed, etc.

Mentorship will be a six-month commitment.  It begins during the FINAL Phase and continues for five months after graduation. A Mentorship agreement will be coordinated and signed by the Mentor and the Disciple.


All Disciples are required to attend the following, (unless individually excused by a Staff Member).

  1. Morning devotions.
  2. Work assignments.
  3. All classes.
  4. Counseling sessions.
  5. Chapel services. The Director may approve excusing a disciple from chapel.
  6. Sunday services in an evangelical church.
  7. Weekly Bible Study outside of the Mission
  8. Any activities specifically assigned by the Director of Men’s/Women’s Ministry.
  9. Additional activities as announced.

LOCAL EVANGELICAL CHURCH. All Disciples will attend a local Evangelical church on Sundays.  It is recommended each Disciple try 3-4 churches then decide on one to attend regularly during the duration of the Discipleship program.  Attendance at the church’s week day Bible Study is required.

PHYSICAL FITNESS.  We provide disciples with a membership from the YMCA.  Disciple must be involved in some sort of regularly scheduled physical fitness program. Walking or riding a bike are acceptable fitness programs.  All programs must be approved by the Director of Women’s/Men’s Ministry. Any supplements (to include vitamins) must be approved by the Director of Women’s/Men’s Ministry.  No body building is allowed.

WORK is a very important part of the discipleship in this program to enable you to develop into the kind of person God wants you to be.

Developing healthy life-long attitudes about working hard at whatever job we may have is important.  Building good work habits here and learning to be part of a team can help the Disciple for their entire life.  We expect you to be honest and loyal.

The Director of Men’s/Women’s Ministries must make any change in work therapy assignments.  Sickness cannot be used as an excuse for not going to work unless you report your illness to your supervisor on duty and stay in bed and/or see a medical doctor.

YOU WILL RECEIVE NO PAY, wages or salary for work therapy done at the Columbus Rescue Mission.  A stipend will be given twice per month – on the 15th and the last day of the month. The Stipend will not be provided to Disciples who receive other financial income, such as disability, government pensions, etc.  The stipend will end in the Freedom Phase after the Disciple receives their first pay check.

WORK OUTSIDE THE MISSION is permitted and encouraged after the Jump Start Phase. Spot jobs will be offered to Disciples as they are available.  Arrangements for spot jobs and employment must be made with the Director of Men’s/Women’s Ministries. During the FREEDOM Phase, the Disciple will get a part time job.  Part time work is limited to 20 hours per week. The Disciple will transition to full time employment when entering into the FINAL Phase.  Work in establishments that sell alcohol is not allowed.

The Mission will keep no money earned, but the Disciple must track and report all income earned and expended.   

OTHER FINANCIAL INCOME such as unemployment benefits, welfare or any government aid including pension, social security, veteran pension, SSD or any regular financial assistance must be reported to the Director of Women’s Ministries when entering the program or as soon as the benefits are first received.  From this type of income, the Mission must receive $300.00 per month or 80% of any check $375.00 per month or less.  Exceptions are permitted.  Exceptions must be cleared through the Executive Director.

DISCIPLE WEEKEND DUTY will be assigned to each Disciple on a rotating basis.  Weekend duty includes cooking any meals not provided by donors or volunteers, Saturday Shed duty (1:00pm-4:00pm), unload donations, and any assistance needed by staff or volunteers on duty.

The on duty Disciple must stay on the Rescue Mission grounds during the weekend, except for church on Sunday.

If the Disciple is gone on an approved outing during the weekend they are on duty, it is their responsibility to make arrangements with another disciple to work.  The Director and the weekend Staff must be notified of the arrangements.

PUBLIC SPEAKING will be required during discipleship.  The Disciple will share their testimony at various events arranged by Staff.  They will also give tours of the mission and provide their testimony, as required by Staff.

DRESS CODEPLEASE BE CONSTANTLY AWARE OF HOW YOU LOOK.  We should not dress to appeal to the opposite sex or attract attention, but for the purpose of glorifying God.   Men Disciples must wear collared shirts. Unacceptable apparel includes T-shirts or sweatshirts, any clothing with suggestive/offensive advertising, tank tops, camies, or any shirt that shows cleavage or is tight.  Footwear is required at all times.  Wearing pajamas outside of the living area is not allowed.  Facial piercings, body piercings and excessive ear piercings are prohibited and absolutely no new piercings may be procured while being a disciple at the mission.

The Disciple badge must be worn at all times. 

PERSONAL CLEANLINESS – Showering daily is required as well as brushing teeth. Give attention to hair, and wear clean clothes.  Female haircuts must be feminine – if you have questions consult a Staff Member BEFORE getting a haircut.  Your bed must be made every morning and your room kept in order.  Hair color must be natural; permission for exceptions must be approved prior to dying hair.

Personal hygiene must be done before morning devotions.

ROOM INSPECTION – A periodic room inspection of any or all rooms may be made at anytime by staff members to check for cleanliness and/or contraband.  Rooms must be kept clean and neat.  Beds must be made and clothes picked up each morning. On unannounced occasions, a specifically trained dog from the Police Department will be used to determine the presence of illegal drugs.

PASSES – Overnight/weekend passes may be earned by Disciples at the discretion of the Director of Women’s/Men’s Ministry.  Passes must be obtained at least 24 hours in advance.  The date/time leaving & returning, persons visiting, destination, and contact phone number must be coordinated with the Director.  Family visits are encouraged.

It is the Disciple’s responsibility to ensure work responsibilities are covered.  Weekend visits start Friday at 5:00 p.m. and ends Sunday at 7:00 p.m.

FIRM FOUNDATION Phase Disciples may earn one pass per month.

FREEDOM Phase Disciples may earn two passes per month.

FINAL Phase Disciples may earn two passes per month

LATE ARRIVAL – You must return to the Mission at the time you arranged.  In the extremely rare event that you are detained, you must call the Director of Women’s/Men’s Ministry before your appointed time of return.

CONDUCT – Discipline is a divinely ordained activity (Hebrews 12:6) designed to be used by God for our good, that we may share in His holiness (Hebrews 12:10).  In order to best reflect the invariable nature of God, it is important that discipline be administered consistently and without personal favoritism (James 2:1-4).  To best reflect the personal nature of God, it is important to allow room for the exercise of grace and mercy (John 1:17).  To this end, the following guidelines are provided:

  1. Depending on the Staff Member’s analysis of the severity of the offence, restriction may be given: 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, or 4 days. Other methods of discipline may be used, depending upon the recommendations of the disciple’s counselor and/or the Director.  Other methods may include:
  1. counseling
  2. change sleeping areas
  3. additional assignments
  4. refusal of passes
  5. dismissal from the program
  6. any other appropriate measure
  1. Subsequent offences of a similar nature should be followed with a stricter consequence. Example:  If 1st offence earned 1-day restriction, 2nd should earn 3 days, 3rd should earn 7 days, etc.
  2. Restriction for separate offences should not run concurrently, but should run consecutively.
  3. Total accumulated restriction for any number of offences should not exceed 21 days. If more than 21 days of restriction are accumulated, it seems to indicate that restriction is not an effective disciplinary measure, and removal from the program could occur.
  4. Once removed from the program, the disciple cannot be allowed back on the program for a minimum of 30 days.
  5. All Disciples restarting the program shall begin with the FIRM FOUNDATION Phase.
  6. The Director of Women’s Ministries and the Executive Director shall handle variances and appeals for variances concerning discipline.
  1. Use of alcohol or drugs on or off of the premises.
  2. Possession and/or use of alcohol, illegal drugs, or pornography on the premises will constitute an immediate dismissal and mandatory 6 month bar. 
  3. Gambling – including purchase of lottery tickets.
  4. Repeated profanity – includes any language not becoming to a lady or gentleman.
  5. Possession of any weapons.
  6. Lewd behavior.
  7. Blatant refusal to obey staff.
  8. Smoking in the building will result in immediate dismissal and mandatory 6 month bar.
  9. Stealing.
  10. Selling items obtained from the Mission (this includes the clothing/furniture shed)
  1. QUITTING THE PROGRAM. When the Disciple voluntarily leaves the program before graduation, the following will occur:
  1. The Disciple will have an indefinite bar, no services
  2. After 30 days, they can be re-evaluated for re-entry into the program.
  3. After 30 days, if the disciple wants any services (shed, meals, food basket, chapel, etc) they must meet with the Executive Director and Director of  Women’s/Men’s ministry.

If removed from the program and wanting to restart, an evaluation with the Executive Director and Director of Women’s/Men’s Ministry will be required.  The evaluation will determine if the disciple will be allowed re-entry and which Phase they would be in.

NON-FRATERNIZATION (NO socializing with opposite sex!) Association with members of the opposite sex has been proven to be downfall of many people attempting to straighten out their lives.  Experience has taught us that it is necessary that socializing can not be permitted with members of the opposite sex (unless married).  A Christ-honoring relationship with someone may be permitted to anyone on the FINAL Phase.  Rare exceptions may be considered by the staff.  All such exceptions/relationships must be approved in a staff meeting.  KINDNESS AND POLITENESS IS EXPECTED.

HONESTY AND RESPECT FOR PROPERTY – All Disciples are being trusted to respect the possessions and rights of other.  Please do not break this trust.


  1. Women are not allowed in the men’s residence areas or smoking area.
  2. Tobacco-use is not allowed in the building.
  3. The office area is off-limits unless a staff member is present.
  4. Columbus Rescue Mission women are not allowed in the basement without a staff member.

SMOKING AREAS – Smoking and any use of tobacco is a habit that everyone should quit.  Since the Christian’s body is the dwelling place of God, every effort must be made to keep God’s house clean and smelling good.  This pleases God.  It saves money and promotes better health.  Smoking is not permitted in any of our buildings or in our vehicles at any time.  Smoking is permitted only in the designated areas.  Please do not litter cigarette butts.

ELECTRONIC DEVICES – All electronics (to include cell phones) will be turned in and kept in the office during JUMPSTART and FIRM FOUNDATION Phases.

Radios, IPODS, and electronic devices may be used only in your room.  Please be considerate of roommateMusic with offensive lyrics is not permitted anywhere on premises.

Only Mission owned and operated TV’s are permitted.  TV programs with sex, offensive language, or anything not honoring to God is on permitted.

LIBRARY – The Mission library card may be used by Disciples.  All items checked out must be approved by staff before taking it to the disciple’s room.


  1. MEDICAL HELP is available from local facilities. The Mission is not responsible for the financial cost of prescriptions and medications.
  2. LAUNDRY service is available once a week. A specific day will be assigned to each
  3. MAIL service is available.
  4. Use of Mission PHONE is available. Please be courteous of others and limit duration of phone calls. Upon request, Staff members will allow use of their cell phones for long distance calls.
  5. Periodically we schedule events such as concerts, bowling and other functions. Some may be required attendance, while others will be optional.

SIGNING in & OUT – All Disciples must sign out when leaving the Mission and sign in upon return.  This pertains to leaving during the day and leaving for the weekend.

MEALS – Disciples must be present in the dining room for all meals (unless working). No meals will be eaten in the Disciples living areas.

VEHICLES – If a Disciple owns a vehicle, it must be located off Mission property and not used until the final phase after the disciple has found full time employment.  No Exceptions.

WEEKLY ADDICTIONS VICTORIOUS (AV) is mandatory for Disciples.  If the Mission provides AV more than once a week, attendance may be optional after the first attendance of the week – at the discretion of the Director of Women’s/Men’s Ministry.

LAUNDRY- Disciples will be responsible for doing laundry for all guests.  Overnight guest do not use the washer and dryer.  One Disciple will be assigned to laundry duty.

 SAFETY AND SECURITY – Fire extinguishers may be found in numerous locations through the building.  Please be especially aware where the ones are nearest your room.

 DONATIONS – All items donated to the Mission are property of the Mission.  No individual may assume that she may take anything unless it is cleared by a Staff Member.  ANY ITEMS TAKEN WITHOUT PROPER CLEARANCE WILL BE CONSIDERED STOLEN MATERIAL.

IF YOU CHOOSE TO LEAVE THIS PROGRAM, please do not just walk out.  The staff at the Mission has love and concern for you.  We are grieved when someone disappears and we have no idea why or where he or she went.  Please let us know your intentions. 

 We will not hold nor can we be responsible for any clothing or personal items left here longer than 72 hours.  If you leave, or are dismissed, you must take your possessions with you or make arrangements for them. Our storage space is very limited.