Craig’s Testimony

I believe I sat at the unconcerned step for perhaps 30 years. I knew all of the historical facts and wonderful stories about Jesus, but just left him on the back burner. I knew He was there, just in case I needed Him. I lived my life according to my will and through a series of mistakes and deliberate choices, found myself alone with no true friends, no wife, and basically, no family. He humbled me to a position of having to go to the Mission, finding myself out of other options. It was there that I soon learned that I needed to be concerned and convicted. Knowing that I needed spiritual growth and was eaten to the core by my guilt of sin and wrongs I committed against others, I decided to repent and turn to Him. I always thought that repentance meant to simply confess our sins until I learned that it actually means to turn away from them and turn towards God. I also chose to forgive those that I had blamed for all of my misfortunes. I knew that I could not go any further without releasing myself from the bondage of unforgiveness.   I read that “He paid a debt He didn’t owe and we owe a debt we cannot pay”. He died so that I can live in eternity with Him- that’s where He wants me. The picture of Jesus knocking at the door with no doorknob really hit me. I opened the door and asked Him to live in my heart and I love Him for enduring the sacrifice of dying on the cross to save me from my sins. I want to live the rest of my life in service to Him in whatever manner I am called.   Craig Swedenburg