Darren’s Testimony

Hello, my name is Darren and I am over 1500 miles from my old home, a home where I tried very hard, but was never able to be totally free from my addictions of money, alcohol, and drugs. I had gotten so addicted to alcohol that all I thought about every day was how I was going to pay for my next bottle and hide it from my loved ones. I forsook my Christian beliefs and cared only for my next drink. I knew what was right and wrong but was not able to beat my addiction. I hurt loved ones who cared about me and ended up being asked to leave. I ended up going to Nebraska. I heard about the Columbus Rescue Mission from a man who had been in the Mission’s New Life Program. He told me that the staff at the Mission really cared about those who are suffering from the darkness that has surrounded them, and that through Jesus Christ, I could be helped. I knew then that I wanted to trust in Jesus Christ and His ever loving kindness, His tender mercies, and His power that I was told about. I am now in a program where I am close to our Lord’s word and encouraged by those who give of themselves for my sake. I am also very blessed to be surrounded by supportive staff. A now have a life free from the bonds of my past and the strong holds that I was unable to break down on my own. I now live in peace in a safe environment with great hope through Christ our Lord.