Doug’s Testimony

Doug came to the Columbus Rescue Mission as an overnight guest. He came here from Bellevue NE because the same old friends were coming around again. Doug could see himself going back to the old Doug with all the drinking and drugging, with all the benefits that come from that, jail, prison etc.  Doug had asked God to help him before, and God always put a Christian in his path to talk with him. When that would happen Doug would listen for a few minutes and then tell them, “not interested”  Sometimes he would ask God to come into his life, and think he was going to be all holy. He would become discouraged when that didn’t happen. Doug listened to the staff at the Columbus Rescue Mission, who asked him to think and pray about joining the New Life Program. Doug decided to give it a try. He discovered that he just needed Jesus and has put his faith in Him.  Doug knows he has a lot to learn, and is really thankful for being here. Doug believes this is the time God has given him to grow up as a Christian. He said coming here was God at work in my life. I just picked Columbus to go to and had no idea the Columbus Rescue Mission was here. I sure am glad God brought me here.