Gift In Kind

What exactly do you guys take at the Mission? That is a question we are often asked at the Mission. Well, we can honestly say we take ANYTHING! If you can use it in your house we can use it at the Columbus Rescue Mission.We have 1000’s of people coming to the Mission every year for all the things we use everyday in our homes. Clothing, bed linen, furniture, old appliances, little soaps and shampoos collected from motels, you name it.By the very nature of the Columbus Rescue Ministry plan, we rarely purchase needed goods. We trust in God to touch the hearts of our many donors to provide the required items. As with all aspects of our ministry, we see God’s hand at work in the donation shed as well as all other areas of ministry. We give Him the praise for all His many provisions.If there is any life left in your “leftovers” bring it down to the Mission, and we will promptly send you a receipt, either through the mail or via e-mail.

Derek and the donated car he received at the Mission.
Jade and the donated bike he received at the Mission.

Some of the items we see as being needed on a day to day basis would include:

  • Men’s jeans
  • running shoes
  • mattresses
  • tables
  • appliances in good working order
  • BIBLES (we give away a lot of copies of GOD’S WORD)
  • portable fans
The Columbus Rescue Mission is a Nebraska Non Profit Corporation classified as 501(c)(3) tax exempt by the I.R.S. All donations are tax deductible.