Lawana’s Testimony

My name is Lawana.  My first memory of God was, “Why Me?”  Raised in an abusive alcoholic family, the very source of love were those who were betraying and violating me.  Believing, I first accepted the Lord at the age of 19.  I lived with an outward confession of the Lord, a whitewash Christian, without having a relationship, never realizing the love of the Father, nor my value to Him. On November 2, 2012, I now know I had never truly accepted Jesus as my Savior.  All prior was lip service.  My outward confession is now my inward conviction to diligently search His word. I’m here at the Mission and God is enabling me for a season, to grow in His word,   manifesting His word as a living power to change my life, giving me virtue, knowledge, patience, and showing me His ways to follow Him in actions towards others.  His grace has enabled me to see how lost I truly was, blinded by the hatred of an earthly father, I blocked Him as a Heavenly Father. Then I became willing to earnestly seek Him.  Today, I say, “Why not Me?”  To suffer for His sake, to do as He has laid upon my heart, and to follow His ways in His word. Without the unconditional love of the Mission Staff accepting me into the program here when I cried out to God, I truly believe I would have died, homeless in my addiction.  I testify that by the generosity of the donors and the godly hearts of the staff, I am a growing Christian in the Lord. Thank you. Lawana PS  God has provided a loaner violin and a teacher.  I begin lessons this coming week.  I believed!!  I want to worship Him, in music, for His Glory.