Melinda’s Testimony

Melinda Obermeier Story     My name is Melinda Obermeier and I was born on May 25, 1977 in Olathe Kansas. I grew up around drinking and drugs so my life didn’t start out very good.  At a young age I started using drugs and for all my life all I did was drugs, so I never really had much of a life. Drugs ruled me for all my life and took everything and everyone I loved. It cost me my life. On April 12, 2012 God sent angel disguised as a State Trooper and that day God saved my life.  I went to jail and was there for 60 or so days and during that time I started reading the Bible and going to Bible Study and really got into His word and something changed inside me. I have been in jail many times before and went to Bible studies, but never got it or felt anything, but this time I did. Jesus Christ came into my heart and my life. Jesus never gave up on me and never will. He changed me in so many ways and I thank God every second of the day for loving me and never giving up on me. I gave up on myself, but GOD never did. I came to Columbus Rescue Mission on June 18, 2012 and since Jesus came into my life and heart and changed me, now I am a Disciple and loving Jesus everyday and loving life and myself. God has something for me and it’s Big. So that is how I became a woman of Christ. I never thought life could ever be this GREAT. My husband (Jason Obermeier) is here with me and we both went through it together and both have found Jesus Christ. We wanted this for a long time, but never found it until now and we are happy to be where we are at and it’s all Thanks to God and His love for us.