Non-Mission Guests


Not everyone that comes to the Columbus Rescue Mission needs Place to live. Sometimes all they need is the things in life that any of us take for granted. Clothing, transportation, even food. Donation Shed Adjacent to the Columbus Rescue Mission housing area stands the donation shed. What once was used as a garage is now totally dedicated to donations, and all kinds of donations at that: Small pieces of furniture, clothing for men, women, vehicles, and children, household goods, and a host of other items. These items are free for all who have needs whether they are living at the mission or living elsewhere. These items are all given away and we do not charge for any of these items. Donations are received during normal business hours, early evenings, Saturdays, and Sunday afternoons. Anyone wishing to donate need simply stop by the mission and the staff and guests will assist in unloading. Receipts will be mailed within a few days of the donation. To receive a donation from the shed, a person must first fill out a non-guest assistance form in the office, which takes only a few moments. Needs that are always evident are men’s blue jeans, polo shirts, T-shirts, and both men’s and women’s shoes. The majority of these items are required by our incoming guests who often arrive owning little more than the clothes on their backs. By the very nature of the Columbus Rescue Ministry plan, we rarely purchase needed goods. We trust in God to touch the hearts of our many donors to provide the required items. As with all aspects of our ministry, we see God’s hand at work in the donation shed as well as all other areas of ministry. We give Him the praise for all His many provisions. As well as the clothing and household goods shed there is also the furniture and appliance shed, wheere people can come and take whatever is needed to make their house a home. One of the things we most like to give away is vehicles. When a guest comes to the Mission it is often without a driver’s license, for any number of reasons. To watch a guest work through the financial and legal reasons why they don’t have a license is truly a blessing from the Lord. To be able to provide those guests with a vehicle is another such blessing.