Our Purpose

To equip the hurting and the homeless to become responsible, contributing members of the Church and society by providing food, shelter, and guidance to those in need.

Our Core Values

  • To bring honor and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ!
  • To act with integrity in everything we do!
  • To be above reproach in all our relationships!
  • To be servants to our guests and the community!
  • To treat others as we wish to be treated, with dignity, respect and care!
  • To be an arm of His Church in east central Nebraska!
  • To provide a safe and secure environment for our guests!
  • To be good stewards with the resources that God and His people entrust to us!

Our Vision

To be viewed as the standard of quality in the care and equipping of the hurting and homeless in the Columbus Nebraska area. Donate a one time gift or a repeating gift.