2019  Board of Directors

We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.  if it is to lead,do it diligently. – Romans 12:6a, 8b

BJ Barcels, President 01-26-2018

310 41st Rd.

Bellwood, NE 68624-2488

H402-538-3895, C402-750-2345,  bj@barcelmill.com

Member April 2015r


Edwin Heinze, Vice-President 01-26-2018

1515 Road D

Bradshaw, NE 68319

C402-366-4691, e_dheinze@hotmail.com

Member September 2017


Diane Heinze, Secretary 01-26-2018

1515 Road D

Bradshaw, Nebraska 68319

C402-362-6171,   e_dheinze@hotmail.com

Member April 2016


Bob Becker, Treasurer 01-26-2018

6 Driftwood Drive

Columbus, NE 68601

H402-564-9484, rbecker4@neb.rr.com  

Member December 2015


Don Konrad

3743 – SE 16th St.

Columbus, Nebraska 68601

C402-910-0989,   dkonrad@wildblue.net

Member September 2014


 Rick Rutter

13342 L Road

Osceola, Nebraska 68651-4815

H402-747-7031, C402-366-9324, rrrutter@yahoo.com

Member June 2019


Pastor Justin Bebb

3111-39th Street

Columbus, NE 68601

C402-942-1328, justin@columbusberean.org

Member April 2018